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1). What inspired you to become a DJ

I first became a DJ in 2001 when my pal Marcel Dutty D introduced me to Ruthless
Chris, Owner of Jiggy Radio (105.6fm) After meeting him, he offered me a cover show
as a DJ hadn’t shown for his show that afternoon. At this time the station (JiggyRadio)
was in a
a flat in Tottenham in a soundproof room. All it contained was a Gemini All in One mixer CD
Player and a mic.

When I started, I only had 2 Cd Packs which each had 4 Cd’s with music on them.
I was so mic shy I hardly spoke but as time went by, Marcel Dutty helped me gain my
confidence and soon I developed a mature professional radio voice, think Frasier!
I found I got used to talking and I loved it so much I started learning as much as I could
about DJ’ing. I found that my skills improved when I used Virtual DJ and a USB
I started building my music collection by going to events and watching other Dj’s
and listening to what songs worked well with crowds and when to play them correctly.
It was a lot of work and it took a lot of time and effort as well as practice.
I worked hard every day to be the best I possibly could be.
I saved up money until I had enough means and support to build up my first setup which was…


Msi Laptop + Pioneer DDJ-SR2 Controller

2x Ekho 600watt Active Speakers
2x Truesonic 1200watt Active Bass Speakers
Dj Facade + Speaker Scrims
1x Pro Sound Mic.

2x Light Bars

4x Moving head lights

2x Par Lights

2x Mini Kinta Lights

3x Lasers

In 2014 me and my pal setup WWW.FRESHFMLONDON.COM On-line Radio Station.

We specialize in giving the Best Musical Selection around.
Catering to over 2000+ people Worldwide every Month. We do live shows as well where
people can log in and watch LIVE Talk show’s with Myself and Sly-T.
Music is Stereaming 24/7 on our website and on Tunein app – Available on Mobile Phones

2). What is your Favourite Music and why?

I love RNB, I love everything about RNB from R.Kelly to Mary J Blige to Mario. RNB is
a music style that you can move to with Style and it touches me with the Lyric’s.
There has been loads of RNB songs that I’ve listened to at points in my life because I
can relate and it helps to relax myself. Well as other times I hear RNB, I just want to let
lose and dance and have a great time.
Rnb has changed over the years but it still remains one of the Largest Musical
Genre’s out there. I’ve built up a very Large selection of RNB and it’s my pride and
joy. I love to come home and just chill and listen to RNB and enjoy the moment.

3). Who is your Favourite DJ?

I don’t have a Favourite DJ but I Respect all DJs in the Music Industry because no
Djs are the same. Everyone has different Styles, different ways of mixing and
different music selections. It’s an art form
However people who inspire me would have to be I.E: Elliot Ness, Bushkin & Fonti, A.K
Steppa. Westwood and Tony Blackburn. I have learned a lot about music by watching them
and researching things they do like how they promote themselves and how they
interact with crowds and it’s helped improve my own skills.

4). What was your best Gig to date?

I don’t think I’ve had just one good Gig. I’ve had a few good ones such as playing at
Revolution Vodka Bar on Leadenhall Street, London, I was there for 6 months in the
Basement Room. It was a stylish place that has club nights on a Friday and lots of
Cocktails and different flavours of Vodka. The crowd was so friendly and I met so
many interesting people there like Big John the Resident DJ on the Main Floor.
I have enjoyed playing at Venue’s like Cafe de Paris, Hanover Grand Nightclub,
Opera House, Bar Rumba, Penthouse and Sound NightClub.
I try to make every party good and memorable so people enjoy there time and come

5). What advice can you give to up and coming DJs?

Good Advice to New & Up and coming DJ’s is use Social Media to promote yourselves,
promote everyday and upload Mix Cds to generate more Bookings but most of all: DON’T
Taking your time will make sure that you know which direction in the Industry suits
you and gives you the opportunity to practice, practice, practice.
You can never say that you’ve learned everything because there’s always more to
learn so take your time and enjoy the music, get Business Cards and talk to friends
to help by posting your mixes around to their friends as well.

6). What do you hope to happen to your radio station and how can people follow you
on it?

The Ultimate Plan for FRESH FM is to  build a Great Station.
We’ve also connected ourselves to the right Promoters in London.
We want to put up lots of events where people from all over the world will come and
enjoy great music with a great atmosphere.


People can login to the station by going to the following links:
Tunein: –
Facebook: –


Fresh Family Djs
Fresh Family Djs
Fresh Family Djs
Fresh Family Djs
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